Craft Your Digital Economy, Cultivate Your Community

Plant your digital roots with open source self-hosted APIs, the bedrock to build your token ecosystem. Begin with ease and nurture your community on a platform that's as straightforward as it is robust—designed for today's pioneers and tomorrow's innovations.

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Open Source By DOVU

The continuous evolution of Trust Enterprises within DOVU's ecosystem is a testament to its foundational role. By bringing this toolkit in-house, we're not just harnessing its proven potential—we're investing deeply in its future, ensuring every project benefits from faster launches and our unwavering support.

Years of integrating Trust Enterprises' toolkit into DOVU's fabric have been pivotal. It's the ideal springboard for any builder eager to kickstart their project with speed and confidence.

Matt Smithies - CTO DOVU

Your Imagination, Our Tech, Time To Build.

Start crafting your digital vision today with our intuitive, self-hosted platform. Harness the power of Hedera Hashgraph for easy management of digitial assets (Fungible and Non-Fungible tokens), and Inscriptions.

Digital Asset Management

Effortlessly control and automate your token operations with our dev-friendly digital asset management system.

NFT Marketplaces & Launchpads

Launch and grow your NFT projects with our streamlined platform, designed to simplify the creation and exchange of digital art and collectibles.

Inscription on Hashgraph, Scalable

Record and secure data on the Hashgraph with Bitcoin-like inscription (HCS-20), ensuring scalability and permanence for your digital points, tokens, and assets.

Community Driven

Our development is guided by your feedback, ensuring our platform evolves to meet the real-world needs of our vibrant user community.

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🤩 One Click Deployment

The fastest way to get started, no code required, your deployment belongs to you and only you. You control all keys.

No additional infrastructure to manage.
All of your secrets are encrypted.
Deploy now on Vercel for creating your proof of concept.
Deploying to Prod? Digital Ocean's App Platform is a great choice!

...and a Laravel package that plugs into your self-hosted client ❤️

For the Laravel artisans! Install and configure in less then 2 minutes. No smart contracts, no web3 complexity, just start building. 👇👇👇

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Create a Permissioned Marketplace or Launchpad

Here is an example of a foundational backbone for a permissioned marketplace for you to mint tokens, create accounts, and to send to your users after purchase.


Manage your Inscription Flow

The Laravel client provides the programmatic ability to manage the entire lifecycle of inscriptions, for deployments, minting, burning, and transferring. It utilizes topic IDs on the Hedera network to record JSON-encoded transactions, providing a framework for a auditable pointing system.


Let's work together!

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