The foundation for building tokenised ecosystems.

Unlock the power of web3. A suite of tools for you to build marketplaces, tokenise assets, or add trust. At the fraction of the time and cost of ethereum or bitcoin. No blockchain experience required.

Build a market for tokens over a REST API 🚀

Powered by Hedera Hashgraph. Making it as fast and easy for developers to get started for free.

Webhook Events

Don't want to wait for consensus to be reached? Set your webhook and we'll ping you on completion.

Simple Authentication

No login credentials, just a single key that you set and change whenever you wish.

Community Driven

Our first focus is building interaction for the hedera consensus service, let us know what you want to see.

🤩 One Click Secure Deployment

Quite simply the fastest way to get started, no code required, your deployment belongs to you and only you.

No additional infrastructure to manage.
All of your secrets are encrypted.
Best in class serverless.
Deployed on Vercel (Previously Zeit)

...and a magical Laravel package that plugs into your new shiny client ❤️

Record trust in 2 lines of code. This is for you Laravel artisans out there! Install and configure in less then 2 minutes. Complexity removed. 👇👇👇

Let's work together!

Do you have any questions or need extra help getting started?